Restorative yoga is a delicious surrender into quiet, soothing postures that incorporate bolsters and blankets. With the support of props, students can achieve poses without muscular strength, facilitating release and relaxation that will calm the nervous system and coax away built up tension.


An all-levels mindful, therapeutic, & spiritual vinyasa flow class. It will build strength; increase flexibility and range of motion through flowing sequences and deep stretching. This is a wonderful practice to get started with if you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years.


Meditation is a grounding practice which helps you to know yourself better, appreciate yourself and others more, and allows you to get a more relaxed and sound sleep.

Science has proven that regular meditation can have powerful long-lasting effects. Meditation helps to activate our rest-and-digest system and begin the process of ushering our body back to a more natural and calm state. Our body begins to heal and grows stronger and more resilient.

Through mediation you begin to notice your body and mind more easily let go of daily stressors and challenges. You feel calmer. You can focus more clearly. You can be more creative. You feel more balanced and comfortable in your skin.


Yin yoga is a quiet practice suitable for beginners & students of all levels of experience. Students are offered an opportunity to surrender, slow down and come back to balance. There is a focus on the breath, being present in the moment, relieving tension and letting go. The Yin practice includes powerful mental and emotional benefits as its practitioner becomes quiet, still and mindful of the present.